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Extended Enterprise Solutions with TopClass LMS

WBT Systems creates world-class learning and certification solutions for the Extended Enterprise networks of trade associations or large corporations.

Podcast: DirectEmployers Association on Launching a New LMS

Drive additional revenue streams by offering professional education DirectEmployers Association Executive Director, Candee Chambers and VP of Membership Engagement, Jen Bernhardt participated in the

How the Technology-Averse Members of the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials Became Online Education Converts

Many of us have winced at the sight of someone’s backside when bent over in pants that expose too much—a condition unfortunately named after plumbers. But the physical demands of a plumber’s job are no joke. “Manual labor is hard on their bodies, ...

TopClass LMS Integration with Abila netFORUM™

TopClass LMS is seamlessly integrated with Abila netFORUM™ Enterprise and Abila netFORUM™ Pro association management systems, to provide a flexible, comprehensive solution for education and certification programs for enhanced member ...

TopClass LMS Integration with iMIS

TopClass LMS provides powerful learning solutions for associations and extended enterprise, through an off-the-shelf integration with all versions of iMIS.

TopClass LMS Features Overview

More than just a learning platform, TopClass LMS offers connected, transformative professional development experiences.

Certification in TopClass LMS: Learning Paths, Credentials, Designations

Validate and recognize your learners’ experience, competency, knowledge, and skills with learning pathways and certification program management in TopClass LMS.

TopClass LMS Integration with Personify

WBT Systems is proud to be an official partner of Personify. WBT Systems' in-house experts have been integrating systems for more than 20 years. Our TopClass LMS integration bridge allows for easy integration with the full suite of ...

Integration with TopClass LMS

WBT Systems' in-house experts have been integrating systems for more than 20 years. Our turnkey integration bridges allow for easy integration, with no customization or third-party vendors required.

Blended Learning Playbook

"Why and How to Build your Blended Learning Playbook" was developed in partnership with Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele of

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