Oklahoma State Medical Association - Transforming Healthcare Education


Oklahoma State Medical Association’s (OSMA) top goals are to be a leading resource for continuing medical education for physicians and to promote professional development throughout the career continuum.

A pivotal part of this mission was their continuing medical education (CME) program and standing as Oklahoma’s highest-rated CME source and resource to Oklahoma CME providers.



OSMA's learning management system (LMS) was expensive and staff were unable to create member pricing for their CME courses without it being on the honor system. Additionally, only technical staff members were able to easily create new courses, award credits, and send automated emails to course attendees, requiring inordinate amounts of manual data entry and re-entry. Because of this, OSMA was only able to create and maintain 1 ondemand course for its members


TopClass LMS quickly became the obvious choice thanks to its turnkey, two-way integration bridge and single sign-on solution for iMIS and Zoom and an easy integration with iMIS, their Engagement Management System (EMS).

With TopClass’ seamless integration with iMIS and Zoom, when OSMA staff creates an event in iMIS, it automatically creates the event in TopClass and Zoom. Anyone who registers for that event in iMIS is automatically registered in TopClass and Zoom, so staff doesn’t need to waste time manually entering data in multiple places.

Event attendee and no-show data are pulled into TopClass with attendees instructed to complete session/speaker evaluations and print their certificates. Attendees are automatically awarded their CME credit, data which is written into iMIS as well.

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